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FC Kansas City sale nears completion

The Blues could officially have new ownership very soon

The Blues have been successful on the field
Thad Bell

The sale of FC Kansas City to new ownership seems to be getting close. The potential sale to Elam Baer, founder and CEO of North Central Equity LLC in Minneapolis was first reported back in October. It was expected to be complete sometime in early 2017 and the timeline looks to be accurate.

“The process is moving forward and I think we are about 10 days or less from a conclusion. The deal is not definitively completed but I am hopeful,” Baer told The Blue Testament.

Baer has already acquired office space in Kansas City and still plans to keep the team local.

FC Kansas City is two-time NWSL champions and have shared ownership with the Kansas City Comets. Baer is only purchasing FC Kansas City, neither the Comets nor the youth club.

One of the strengths of the combined ownership was having employees able to focus on FC Kansas City in the summer and the Comets in the winter thus keeping employees busy year round.

With the team having had so much success on the field, Baer is focused on what he can improve off the field. Expect ticket sales, sponsorship and other means of revenue generation to be a prime focused for the people Baer has brought in.