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What We Want to Happen Today 10/22

A look at what Sporting KC want in today’s other MLS games.

MLS: Sporting KC at Minnesota United FC Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

It is "Decision Day" in MLS, all 22 matches today start at the same time, 3pm Central time. Sporting Kansas City will be taking the field at Rio Tinto Stadium against Real Salt Lake, looking to clinch themselves a home playoff game for the first time since MLS Cup 2013. While Sporting is playing their game, here is what KC wants to happen in the other 10 MLS games today.

Toronto at Atlanta

New England at Montreal

Columbus at NYCFC

Orlando at Philadelphia

LA at Dallas

Minnesota at San Jose

What we want to happen - Does not matter

Of the 10 other MLS games tomorrow, these six games don't have any barring on how Kansas City will finish. Sure there are some sentimental games out there, like Columbus topping NYCFC to guarantee themselves a home game after the news from their owner this past week. There are also arguments to be made about the LA at Dallas and Minnesota at San Jose games being ones to watch because of the potential opponents that could lead to for Kansas City. Overall though these games mean little or nothing to Kansas City.

New York at DC

What we want to happen - DC win

The Red Bulls are the only Eastern Conference team in the playoffs that Sporting KC can finish ahead of in the single table. New York sit two points behind Sporting so a loss would allow KC to host MLS Cup if both teams happened to make it that far even if KC does not beat RSL on the road.

Vancouver at Portland

What we want to happen - Vancouver win

Sporting KC can only tie Vancouver on points, and if they do, the Whitecaps win the tie breaker for most wins. With that in mind, KC want the Whitecaps to win or at worst get a draw against the Timbers. A Vancvouer win/tie combined with a KC win would allow KC to jump into at least the three seed and even the two see if...

Colorado at Seattle

What we want to happen - Colorado win

To get the bye to the conference semifinals KC needs to beat RSL, needs Vancouver to win or draw against Portland, and Colorado to defeat or tie the Sounders. Those three results would see KC finish with 52 points and Portland and Seattle finish on a max of 51 points, allowing KC to get the bye.

Chicago at Houston

What we want to happen - Chicago win/draw

This is how Kansas City can back into a home game at least in the play-in game. A win or a draw by Chicago in Houston today would see Kansas City get a home game (against the Dynamo) no matter their result against Salt Lake. Houston sit two points behind KC so a Chicago draw would see the Dynamo only get to 48 points, one behind KC. KC need this, because even if KC draws in Salt Lake, if Houston wins, they'd win the tie breaker with KC for wins (13 to 12).