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Swope Park Rangers playoff game has been moved and nobody is saying why... yet

Swope Park Ranger should be facing Sacramento Republic FC at Swope Park Saturday

Thad Bell

Swope Park finished fourth in the Western Conference and after beating Phoenix Rising FC Sunday should be hosting eighth place Sacramento Republic FC in the conference semi-final Saturday.

The USL has, for unknown reasons, moved the game to Sacramento. The statement on the website:

The USL announced on Monday that due to challenges that arose at Children’s Mercy Victory Field this past weekend in the 2017 USL Cup Playoffs.

When asked what the challenges were, the USL responded:

The league will have no further comment on the challenges that arose at Children’s Mercy Victory Field until a full review is completed.

They can not comment until a full review is complete but they can move the game before that review is complete?

The only obvious challenges Saturday was weather.

Saturday evening there was severe thunderstorms, torrential rain and frequent lightening. Swope Park played the first half with a stream of thunderstorms racing across parts of Kansas City. The match was played with lightening appearing to come ever closer and shortly after half time started they went into a weather delay as the storms slid eastward across the city.

After a lengthy delay with very heavy rain, the Swope Park grounds crew worked on the field and it was game ready and the teams were warming up with the intent to restart the match at 11:00.

At 10:56 it was announced that due to new lightening in the area the match would resume on Sunday.

The Lightening in that area continued until well after midnight but if the electrical show has ceased, the field looked playable. Wet but it definitely looked playable.

The match was resumed the next day on the same field with no issues.

Swope Park Rangers are the ‘B’ team of Sporting Kansas City and features several Sporting KC Academy players as well as some loans from the senior team.

UPDATE: Not sure what is going on but Swope Park tweeted this out saying to ignore the fake news and that they would be hosting Sacramento Saturday.