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Behind the Goal: Diego Rubio on his way to becoming the team's leading forward

MLS: Los Angeles Galaxy at Sporting KC Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Every player has their bad day. For Diego Rubio, this past Saturday's match against Vancouver was just that. Another bad day. Nonetheless, Rubio and the rest of the squad are taking the positives and lessons learned from that night as they prepare for a rigorous road schedule.

When asked about having missed several chances that night, Rubio stated:

"I have some experience now. I started [playing] at 17 years old and that can happen. What I thought in the game was to continue to try because I think playing in our stadium - with our fans - I think they deserve that we continue to try, we never give up. They give us this power and energy, to continue to try all the time till the last minute. You just keep trying."

Despite the result, Rubio remained optimistic about Sporting's final four MLS regular season matches:

"I think we are good. We are trying to go to every game with the mentality to win to make our best work. We're just thinking of the next game not the last four games. We are now focusing on the Minnesota game, to try to have a good week."

Following the departure of Dom Dwyer, the Chilean forward is quickly becoming the team's leading center forward and a fan favorite. Rubio first came to Sporting KC on a loan from Real Valladolid - a second-division club in Spain - on March 8, 2016 and was permanently added to SKC's roster seven months later.

The 24-year-old was forced to miss the remainder of the 2016 campaign following an torn ACL injury he acquired on Oct. 24th. Now he is back as strong as ever with five goals and two assists since his 2017 debut on June 7th.

"I can't say it [wasn't] expected but I think I [worked] these 8, 9 months [from this injury] to try to come back, try to help the team score some goals [and] try to play good." Rubio continued, "I feel very good about that but I feel better because we [won] a cup already and we are there fighting for the first two positions in our conference, so I am very happy about that."

Most players look to certain family members or a particular goal for motivation, for Rubio his three children continues to be his biggest motivators.

"Everything that I made in my life, I make for them. It's like a special energy they give to you," said Rubio.

Diego shared when leaving the game Saturday, his son asked: "Father. No goals today?" Rubio kindly replies, "Yeah, sorry about that. No goals." Although, he tries to keep his personal and work life separated - like father like son - his son is beginning to show an interest in sports and practices the game at home.

From having a notable young career in Europe and an inspirational family in KC, Rubio is making his mark in Kansas City.