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Louisville City field gives USL Cup a poor look

The field is not an excuse for the Swope Park Rangers’ loss but it still impacted both teams.

Thad Bell

Swope Park Rangers fell to Louisville City FC last night 1-0 in the USL Cup Final. While neither side played beautifully and that can come down to nerves or the weather but the one comment that has continuously been made is how poor the field was. Don’t want to hear it from me? Listen to the commentators from last nights game talk about it following the match.

There are some very high quality players on both sides that played last night, but the awful field ruined that. The USL wanted to be on national television so badly that they put their game on a Monday night which in turn allowed them to showcase a cup final that was played on an awful pitch. Playing on a baseball field is always going to hinder the ability of the game to have any fluidity, but I suppose that falls into the home field advantage category. To have a final played on a field that has two different lengths of grass I believe reflects poorly on the USL on a night that should’ve been about showcasing the two best teams in the league.

Congrats to Louisville City FC and their fans on a great accomplishment, and as for Swope Park Rangers, looks like there’s still some unfinished business for next year.