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FC Kansas City moving to Salt Lake

It looks like the Blues have played their last game in Kansas City. The NWSL is moving a founding member of the league.

SONY DSC Thad Bell

With FC Kansas City players and fans still reeling from the departure of head coach Vlatko Andonovski, the news seems to be getting even worse. The two-time NWSL champions days may be numbered and they could be on the move to Salt Lake City. It has not been announced as of yet but sources are indicating it is increasingly likely.

Real Salt Lake has been rumored to want to join the NWSL ranks for some time now and relocating FC Kansas City appears to be the answer. The Boston Breakers had been a target for RSL to acquire but an ownership group stepped in and saved them from relocation.

FC Kansas City does not seem to have that savior.

NWSL board meetings are taking place this week and going into those meetings there were three possible outcomes.

  • FC Kansas City sold to RSL and relocated.
  • FC Kansas City folding and RSL being granted a franchise.
  • FC Kansas City staying in Kansas City and continuing to search for the right ownership.

Real Salt Lake is scheduled to make an announcement Thursday.

A week ago, FC Kansas City owner Elam Baer broke his silence briefly to talk about Andonovski leaving and did discuss his plans for the team in 2018 and specifically the rumors of trying to sell the team to Sporting Kansas City.

“Right now I have absolutely no reason to believe that there isn’t going to be a Kansas City women’s NWSL soccer team next year. The rumors to that fact, I do not know where they are coming from. As to the ownership, in this league there are always different alliances, different groups that get together to try and strengthen the leagues teams.”

“It’s no secret that we would love to do some joint marketing efforts with Sporting Kansas City. We think it would be worthwhile. If the question is, are we talking to Sporting KC about selling, we are not.” – Elam Baer

Sporting Kansas City has consistently denied any interest in buying or taking over the Blues but sources have indicated that Sporting KC has been interested on at least two occasions.

If the FCKC to RSL deal is final, as it appears to be, RSL will get the core group of players under contract. For many of the players this has to be a relief. While they may not want to move to Utah, going to a team that has the support of an MLS franchise and is properly funded will have to be a dream.

It will also clear the bad taste they have from current FC Kansas City ownership letting Andonovski go with hardly a word. More than one player has confided they would not return to Kansas City with the current owner.