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FC Kansas City has ceased operations

The two time NWSL champions and original team has ceased operations

FC Kansas City’s first game

FC Kansas City is ceasing operations as a club in the National Women’s Soccer League. A few days ago it was announced that Real Salt Lake would launch a new club in the NWSL but that the league was not expanding the number of teams. Speculation immediately went to FC Kansas City being moved even though the club was never mentioned at the time.

The NWSL is not moving FC Kansas City, the yet to be named RSL team is officially a new team even though they will be taking the under contract FC Kansas City players as well as assume the Blues’ spot on Discovery and Waiver Tie-Breakers and 2018 NWSL College Draft draft picks. RSL will also receive an the overall number one pick in the first round of the 2019 NWSL Draft.

The NWSL negotiated with RSL for the new franchise and separately with FC Kansas City’s owner to cease operations.

Former FC Kansas City owner Elam Baer responded to a request for comment, “I love soccer in general and this team in particular. I wish the team success in Salt Lake City where I expect it will bring home a championship to add to the two it already brought to Kansas City.”

This does not affect the FC Kansas City youth club, the pro team was separated from the youth side when Baer took ownership of the senior side a year ago.