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Sporting KC 2018 Preseason Announced

The 2018 Desert Diamond Cup isn’t officially announced but the dates and locations (including Scottsdale, Arizona) have been leaked.

MLS: Sporting KC vs New York City FC Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Lost amid the news of 11 players having their options picked up (and four being let go) was a little nugget of news I didn't even notice on the first read (skim).

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Sporting Kansas City will be headed back to Arizona for MLS preseason. That's not the big news, as Sporting KC have played in every version of the Desert Diamond Cup since it's inception. The news buried in there that is new is that half of preseason will be in Scottsdale, Arizona instead of the entire time being spent in Tucson, Arizona.

It has been rumored that this may happen but now we have Sporting KC actually confirming it. The reason it's been rumored is because Phoenix Rising (USL) recently purchased FC Tucson (USL PDL) -- who are the hosts of the Desert Diamond Cup.

I'm also a Phoenix Rising season ticket holder and as a part of my 2018 ticket package I had to purchase 20 tickets despite there only being 17 regular season home games. This may be a chance to Phoenix to play one or more MLS teams.

The first phase of SKC's preseason is from January 22, 2018 (less than two months!) through February 3, 2018. That's the Scottsdale phase. Or Mesa, AZ or Tempe, AZ. All these cities kind of run together. Then the second phase, the actual Desert Diamond Cup, will be in Tucson from Feb 9th through the 24th.

I'll be in Arizona to cover everything and hopefully can bring you some exclusives.