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Goodbye statement from Vlatko Andonovski

Andonovski wanted to say goodbye and thanks

Andonovski in the first year of FC Kansas City
Thad Bell

A goodbye note from former FC Kansas City coach Vlatko Andonovski:

As most of you already know and for the ones that don’t know I want to announce that I will not be coaching FC Kansas City next season. Without going into any details on the circumstances, I just want to say that it will not be easy without the FCKC logo and the 2 stars on my shirt, but I will always be one of their biggest fans.

I want to use this opportunity to say thanks to all the players that I had a chance to coach in the last five years. The first 5 that were allocated to us: Becky, Barnie, Cheney, Desi and Sess. The first four that we signed: Buzz, Leigh Ann, Sinead and Mel. And everyone else after them BIG THANK YOU!

I want to thank the technical staff that was helping me and the players tirelessly every season. Thank you to the FCKC organization, the medical staff, the office staff, and the Likens family for believing in me in the days when not many people did.

I also want to thank the media that was/is supporting the women’s soccer game and is promoting it in the best possible light.

Special thank you to Huw Williams, who has been my mentor throughout this journey and the best GM in the league.

Last but not least, I want to thank the Blue Crew and all the FC Kansas City fans for the support and help.

Thanks everyone and see you soon!

Bleed Blue!!!