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Sporting KC’s new primary kit has arrived

Known for always looking the best, SKC have yet another winner with today’s unveiling.

The club released a new commercial today to unveil the 2017 Primary Kit as well as the new marketing campaign, “We. Together.”

The classic Sporting Blue is back of course, with four vertical lines down the front - which appear to be a bit reflective depending on the lighting. The main feature for me is the white collar. This is the first Adidas jersey to have a button-down collar, and it definitely adds a bit of class to the look.

A small but fun feature of the new kit is the phrase “No other club” on the sleeve, written in Matt Besler’s handwriting. Sporting KC is great at implementing something personal into their jerseys and I think a lot of fans will appreciate this.

The shorts are opposite the jersey, with a white background and blue Adidas stripes. The socks really complete the kit and might be the best I have seen in some time.

I love the way the new Ivy Investments logo has been implemented with this jersey, and the secondary as well. It is not overbearing and keeps the overall look simple and clean.

There does not appear to be any images available of the back of the jersey, so we can’t tell what color the name & number will be in. But The Blue Testament has been told the numbers will be in navy.

I like this kit but the similarities to New York City FC (and thus Manchester City) are pretty clear. Those four stripes are key in distinguishing, but the prominence of them depends on the lighting. I think plenty of the time these jerseys will just look plain light blue on the field. But the white shorts and white shoulder stripes are also other stark differences.

I must admit I think the new slogan is a little weak, but the commercial is still fun. However James Starritt immediately ruined it.

While I wasn’t WOW’d like I have been by some Sporting KC kits in the past, this new primary is clean, classy & still going to be one of the nicer jerseys in Major League Soccer.

They will be available for purchase on February 28th in short sleeve & long sleeve for all Men’s, Women’s and Youth sizes. And my personal favorite - the classic matching “anthem jacket” - will also be available that day. I swear those jackets get me every single year...

So what say you, SKC Nation?