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Comets ownership appears to have changed hands

Part of the ownership group resigned leaving a sole owner

The Comets have made the playoffs every year since their return.
Thad Bell

Details are still a little unclear but sources have confirmed that the Likens have resigned from the ownership company over the Kansas City Comets.

There has been a contentious relationship between the owners for sometime now resulting in a lawsuit being filed to straighten it out.

Top of the Arc LLC (TOTA) is the holding company for the Kansas City Comets. It was originally formed with Brian Budzinski and Ed Scheetz in 2010 to start the Comets back up again.

Brothers Brad and Greg Likens bought out Scheetz and joined Budzinski as owners. According to Budzinski, the ownership agreement required input by 75% of the owners and since only three were listed, that meant all three were needed to be involved in the decision making. Budzinski claimed that they excluded him from the decisions, violating the agreement.

The lawsuit was started in August of 2016 by Budzinski and has been going through the motions ever since with it due in court in July of 2017.

When asked, Comets staff responded, “The Comets are disappointed with their result in the playoffs and are focused on improving for next season.”

With the Likens having resigned from the ownership group, Brian Budzinski would appear to be the sole owner and have full control of the team.

The contact page for the Comets has one phone number listed now and that is one of Budzinski’s phones.

Budzinski has not responded to request for information or comment at this time.

The story will be updated as new information is gathered.