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Fanendo Adi Suspended for Elbow Against Ike Opara

Justice is served.

MLS: Sporting KC at Portland Timbers Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

It won’t help Sporting Kansas City directly but the MLS Disciplinary Committee handed down a one game suspension to Fanendo Adi of the Portland Timbers yesterday. The suspension comes as a result of an elbow thrown by Adi against Ike Opara in the 26th minute.

There is a video in the original link as well if you choose not to click on the tweet since it is from our frienemies over at the SB Nation site, Stumptown Footy. As you can see in either video Adi clearly targets Opara to the head and has rightfully been suspended for his actions.

This isn’t the first time Adi has thrown an elbow. He famously and violently elbowed Matt Besler in the infamous 2015 playoff game. That elbow was somehow unpunished during the game as well despite the visual evidence of Besler profusely bleeding all over the place. If you need a reminder, here is that video.

Maybe the league is finally getting wise to Adi’s ways. Hopefully PRO will be on the lookout for this behavior in the future so Adi could actually get red carded during the game. Imagine how different the 2015 MLS Playoffs would have been if Adi gets a red, Portland likely loses and Sporting KC actually got out of the first round.