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Owners settle lawsuit but Kansas City Comets future still unclear

Fans have been left with little info

Kansas City Comets fans have been anxiously waiting on news about their team. The owners were involved in lawsuit and other than some social media still taking place, there has been little activity and even less info available. Not even player movement during the MASL free agency period.

At one point the Likens family withdrew from the ownership group, basically giving the whole thing to Brian Budzinski but that was not the end of the legal wrangling. The lawsuit does appear to have been settled before it went to trial but both Brad Likens and Budzinski have declined to comment on the status of the suit or the Comets.

The MASL through their spokesperson has said that at least the lawsuit is out of the way.

“The lawsuit has been settled which allows the team to take the next steps towards the 2017-18 season.”

The MASL league meetings are taking place in St. Louis this week and would be a likely time for more information to become available.

The Comets have been a staple of the league and one of the most successful on the field since they returned in 2010. The league is unlikely to just let a team like the Comets fold so expect some sort of deal to keep them going.