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Vermes: No calls on EPB

Lots of reports of interest in Sporting Kansas City’s Palmer-Brown but no actual offers yet

Thad Bell

It seem nearly every day a new report pops up somewhere that another large club in Europe is interested in Sporting Kansas City and U.S. U20 defender Erik Palmer-Brown.

Sporting KC manager Peter Vermes told The Blue Testament earlier in the week that he had received no calls about the talented young defender.

On Friday after practice Vermes again confirmed that status, “There is nothing there, we haven’t talked to anyone. Nobody has sent us anything.”

If these clubs have a serious interest in acquiring Palmer-Brown in the summer window, they have not spoke to Vermes about it.

Palmer-Brown’s contract is up at the end of the year and Sporting KC would like to keep him. “He is definitely someone we want to re-sign. I don’t want to discuss that too much but he is definitely someone we want to re-sign,” Vermes stated.

After a very good performance for the U-20’s, Palmer-Brown was widely praised by analysts as one of the best players both in CONCACAF qualifying and at the U-20 World Cup.

The SKC homegrown player suffer a knock in the last match the U.S. U-20’s played but played through the injury for the rest of the match. He has not trained since returning to Kansas City but it sounds like he should resume training soon.

“He is looking pretty good. Probably when we get back out next week he will start training, doing stuff on the field,” Vermes explained.