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Coaches view: Swope Park vs Colorado Springs

Coach Popovic explains why the Switchbacks will be a difficult test

Coach Popovic became the head coach this season
Thad Bell

Swope Park faces Colorado Springs tonight and you can read the preview and see what potential loans the Rangers may receive here. We spoke with Swope Park head coach Nikola Popovic about tonight's match.

Q: What challenges does Colorado Springs bring?

Coach Popovic - “It’s always a challenge, they are a very good team, an older team, a very experienced team. They are a very fast team who are coming here to create problems. After watching them they are a very composed team, very well structured and for sure one of the best, the top teams in our conference like last year.”

Q: Colorado seems to have several goal scorers, not just one or two. What does that mean for the Rangers?

Coach Popovic - “Of the other teams we have played before you have Drogba, you have Caffa but with Colorado there are so many good players on their squad that everybody can score. This makes it a little bit more difficult for us of course because there is no one special that we can focus on, we have to focus on the their whole team as a collective. They really do have three or four players in the front that can shoot and score from any part of the field.”