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Kansas City Comets are returning for 2017-18

MASL vote granted license to new ownership group

Thad Bell

The Major Arena Soccer League cleared the way for the Kansas City Comets to return during a league meeting Friday. The MASL voted to grant a license to the new ownership group of the Comets.

Brian Budzinski, the loan remaining owner from before has been joined by outside groups to form the new ownership group for the Comets.

The previous ownership group fell apart as the owners ended up taking each other to court. Eventually the Likens family withdrew from the ownership leaving Budzinski to find other partners in order to continue operating the Comets.

While the search for new partners was in progress but taking some time to finalize, the MASL made all of the players free agents in July to allow them time to look for news teams.

The Comets can now sign player contracts. The team is in negotiations with multiple players. Most of the roster from last year have waited and not signed with a new team as of yet.

Silverstein Eye Centers Arena will still be the home for the Comets.

A press conference will be scheduled in the near future and more details should be coming out shortly.