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Kansas City Comets officially announce preparations for 2017-18 season

Fan can rest easy, the Comets are officially playing this year

Thad Bell

The Kansas City Comets have announced that they will play this season. The league voted a little over a week ago and they were finally given the okay to announce it.

Normally a team returning is not news but there was some (okay a lot) of doubt in the off-season. A dispute between owners led to the uncertainty but Brian Budzinski, the one consistent owner is still with the team and has secured new partners. Budzinski was instrumental in bringing the Comets back to Kansas City in the first place.

According to the press release, the Comets have also announced a partnership agreement with a sports management group to provide support for the franchise. The group specializes in helping teams like the Comets “grow their business and be successful in an ever-competitive sports market.”

“The Comets have meant something special to me and this city for many years,” said Budzinski via press release. “I’m excited to be able to continue bringing Hot Winter Nights to the fans, young and old, that have stuck with us and grown up cheering on the Comets. I can’t wait to hear Midnight Express again as the team comes out for another championship run”

Silverstein Eye Centers Arena will remain the home for the Comets.

One line of the press release stands out, “despite news reports regarding previous ownership withholding funds, the team will honor all previously sold season tickets.”

According to sources close to the situation, when the dispute was settled in court, the former owners were supposed to pay a significant dollar amount to Budzinski and the new owners. This was the money that was collected by the team as part of season ticket sales. For unknown reasons those funds have not been paid and may have to go back to court.

The Comets have not revealed who is in the running for coach or specifically which players are currently in talks, they have indicated that multiple players are in the works.

Most of the Comets players were able to wait out the uncertainty but Ramone Palmer, Robert Palmer and Alain Matingou have signed with Tacoma and will not be among the returning players.

A press conference is expected in the next couple weeks to give more details, presumably after they have a coach and some players to be present.