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All FIFA 18 Sporting KC Player Ratings Revealed

...and Graham Zusi should be pissed.

EA Debuts New Games And Products During E3 Game Conference Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

If you read the early released ratings last week, then not much has changed. The ratings from FIFA 17 that were updated on September 11th have almost entirely carried forward to FIFA 18 (as I predicted). There are lots of sites with the ratings but the first one I saw was

The only difference is the stunning decision to LOWER Graham Zusi’s rating from 70 to 69. His default rating, when he was still a winger, was a 71 in FIFA 17. He even had a special edition card rating him as high as a 74 last season. Moving him down is unacceptable because he’s looked fantastic at right back. He leads Sporting Kansas City with six assists in league play (which doesn’t count his perfect pass in the Open Cup to Latif Blessing).

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A few other things worth noting is that the new signings are still not represented. That means we’ll need a roster update to learn how badly FIFA 18 will rate Kharlton Belmar, Gianluca Busio, Jaylin Lindsey and Kevin Oliveira. I’m sure they’ll be unusable but Busio and Lindsey should at least be loaded with potential (like Erik Palmer-Brown is).

There are a few other bizarre decisions that EA Sports will hopefully fix. Soony Saad, who almost never starts, is rated higher than Daniel Salloi and Latif Blessing. Both of whom have scored several goals and look very promising. Diego Rubio is also far too low at 68. For comparison, Dom Dwyer is a 73. Rubio is probably showing he’s just as good as Dwyer right now. Regardless, it should be closer.

Also Ilie Sanchez is listed primarly as a CM when he clearly should be a CDM (like Soni Mustivar and James Musa are correctly listed). Benny Feilhaber is also still simply listed as a CM when he is clearly a CAM and has been for years.

The last clear issue comes at goalkeeper. Andrew Dykstra is still inexplicably rated higher than Adrian Zendejas. Dykstra is clearly just around to be the third keeper and should be rated as such.

FIFA 18 officially comes out on September 29th but if you have EA Access there is a 10-hour trial available right now. During my trial I started to play the “second season” of The Journey and it cuts it off just as it appears Alex Hunter is headed to play for the LA Galaxy. That’s going to be annoying if I have to be the Galaxy but at least MLS is getting prime billing. Maybe I can demand a transfer to Sporting KC (but I doubt it).