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Sporting KC and MLS Salaries Updated, What We Have Learned

Fontas and Nemeth added, Russell got a raise

Russell seems to have a pay raise
Thad Bell

The MLS Players Association releases salaries for MLS players twice a year and the second drop occurred this week. Typically this is the opportunity to see what players that have been added in the summer transfer window are making.

In this case, the salaries for Andreu Fontas and Krisztian Nemeth have been added while Emiliano Amor and Matt Lewis have been removed from the list.

We knew that the New England Revolution had signed Nemeth to a large contract and that it would carry over when Sporting KC acquired him. With the transfer taking place over the summer, the salary is pro-rated and it has been heavily rumored/speculated that New England is picking up a portion of his contract through this season. That makes his million dollar price tag more palatable for someone who has not been able to latch onto a regular starting spot.

Fontas came with a high pedigree playing in Spain and having come through Barcalona and playing on the same Barcalona B team as Ilie Sanchez. The market had indicated he would not be cheap and he was not, coming in at just under a million. After the release of Amor and some defensive questions in the middle of the season, manager Peter Vermes brought in Fontas. So far he has not played a lot but has been quality when he has. The Spanish center back can also give Vermes the option to switch to a three man back line or come on for Matt Besler or Ike Opara if hurt.

Raising Russell

The one change for a player that did not leave is for Scottish International Johnny Russell. While never announced, it appears that Russell salary has jumped from a not too shabby $700,000 to a very nice $1,331,578.92 since the previous salary report. Russell may be able to afford another muscle car for his garage now.

While it is still unknown if he received new contract because of his play (10 goals, 10 assists in league play) or hit some kind of bonus, we do not know. Typically achieving bonuses are not reported in the salaries from the MLSPA unless they are already baked into the total compensation. Also that large of a jump lends itself to speculation that it was a new contract.

2018 SKC Salaries

First Last Position Base 2018 Oct Total 2018 Oct
First Last Position Base 2018 Oct Total 2018 Oct
Felipe Gutierrez M $1,599,999.96 $1,649,999.96
Johnny Russell M $1,331,578.92 $1,331,578.92
Krisztian Nemeth F $900,000.00 $1,007,666.67
Andreu Fontas D $999,999.96 $999,999.96
Roger Espinoza M $900,000.00 $900,000.00
Matt Besler D $750,000.00 $783,250.00
Graham Zusi D $750,000.00 $782,102.27
Yohan Croizet M $650,004.00 $680,004.00
Gerso Fernandes F-M $550,008.00 $591,258.00
Ike Opara D $324,999.96 $342,916.63
Ilie Sanchez M $325,008.00 $330,008.00
Tim Melia GK $300,000.00 $316,666.67
Diego Rubio F $250,000.00 $266,875.00
Cristian Lobato M $240,000.00 $240,000.00
Brad Evans D-M $200,000.04 $200,000.04
Seth Sinovic D $150,000.00 $157,666.67
Jimmy Medranda D $140,004.00 $140,004.00
Khiry Shelton F $102,245.00 $119,745.00
Gianluca Busio F $80,004.00 $82,504.00
Daniel Salloi F $67,500.00 $81,625.00
Kharlton Belmar F $68,254.20 $68,254.20
Tyler Freeman F $55,200.00 $67,700.00
Jaylin Lindsey D $54,504.00 $67,504.00
Wan Kuzain M $67,500.00 $67,500.00
Eric Dick GK $54,500.04 $57,949.58
Amer Didic D $55,654.20 $55,654.20
Colton Storm D $55,654.20 $55,654.20
Adrian Zendejas GK $55,650.00 $55,650.00
Graham Smith D $54,500.04 $54,500.04
Emiliano Amor D
Matt Lewis D