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Blue Links: Johnny Russell, Children’s Mercy Park, and Landon Donovan

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All the Sporting Kansas City and MLS news you can handle on this Thursday.

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MLS: San Jose Earthquakes at Sporting KC
Don’t you ever suggest a different formation again.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Hello and happy Thursday. Here’s your news for the day.

Around the Club

  • (Derby Telegraph) Johnny Russell defends MLS standard following move from Derby County to Sporting Kansas City.
  • (Sporting KC) Sporting KC is hosting a watch party at No Other Pub for the match against Colorado on Saturday. Word is they might even have soccer on.
  • (USL) Kharlton Belmar, off of two goals and two assists in the Swope Park Rangers opener, made USL team of the week and was named USL player of the week.
  • (Just Not Sports) Graham Zusi appeared on the podcast Just Not Sports to talk about a variety of things, including his love for his hammock.
  • (ESPN) Kansas City is the hardest place to play in MLS, based off an MLS players poll.
  • (The Blue Testament) Our latest podcast is up. The crew discusses Sporting KC’s attacking rise but the worrisome state of the defense in this episode.
  • (Teamworks) Sporting KC has become the first MLS team to adopt the athletic communication and collaboration software Teamworks. Whether this makes the dream work remains to be seen.

Around the League

  • (ProSoccerUSA) The soccer news and analysis site is adding in-depth NWSL coverage. We would have that too IF OUR TEAM DIDN’T GET TAKEN AWAY. SOME SOCCER CAPITAL WE ARE.
  • (Steven Goff) Looks like the 2018 MLS All-Star Game will be held in Atlanta.
  • (ESPN) Why some MLS clubs aren’t replicating New York Red Bulls’ USL reserve model
  • (Los Angeles Times) Landon Donovan found a new love for soccer in Mexico
  • (Washington Post) He (Andrija Novakovich) has a Serbian accent, scores goals in the Netherlands and may help rebuild U.S. men’s soccer
  • (ProSoccerUSA) How MLS compares to other leagues in playing domestic talent
  • (Burgundy Wave) Does parity dilute the quality of play in MLS?