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Shades of Blue Soccer Show: Progress Report

A third of the season has already passed. Is Sporting KC elite? Who is the MVP? Will this show ever have any real answers?

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MLS: Sporting KC at Atlanta United FC
Salloi is everyone’s little brother.
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The first third of the season has been a fun ride. Thad, Cody, Aly & Bob take time to appreciate it because who knows if it will last?

After the mandatory discussions over Yohan Croizet & Khiry Shelton, Bob gets things going with an Is or Isn’t. Everyone provides a takeaway from thus far in the season. We covered the MLS Player Salaries that were released recently examining who is overpaid & who is underpaid.

Don Garber just paid a visit to KC and Pinnacle so we have a brief talk about the Commissioner and US Soccer. We also speculate about the Wednesday’s announcement at Pinnacle.

Cody smells good. Not bad. He smells good.

Quick Reference Guide:

2:11 - Croizet, Shelton & the Atlanta United Match.

19:55 - Who is the Most Valuable Player so far this season?

26:08 - “Takeaways” from the first 11 matches.

34:12 - Is Sporting Kansas City one of the elite teams in this league?

38:00 - Salary discussion.

47:08 - Why hasn’t Tim Melia been called in to the USMNT.

52:37 - Garber in KC

59:00 - Latif Blessing & Benny Feilhaber

1:02:10 - We answer Twitter questions

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