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KC Comets new owners excited to get started and make improvements

New turf, investing in players all part of the plan

Lucas Rodriguez celebrates a goal

It was announced this week that the Kansas City Comets have new ownership for the upcoming season. The newly formed KC Comets LLC, a subsidiary of Game Theory Ventures LLC is led by Managing Partner Colin Weaver.

When speaking with Weaver, it is easy to hear the enthusiasm in his voice for his new venture. “It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to be involved in the sports business at the highest level and I’ve been working towards it over a number of years,” Weaver told The Blue Testament.

Not a lot had been mentioned of possible new ownership until the announcement, but it was in process for some time. “We learned of the opportunity way back before the season started last fall and we’ve been looking at it since then, Weaver explained. “The more we looked at it the more we were sure that the Kansas City Comets were absolutely the best place to go in terms of the current operation, in terms of the potential, in terms of the history. In everything we looked at it was right where we wanted to be.”

Upgrades: New Turf, Players

It doesn’t sound like Weaver wants to make a lot of drastic changes, just improve and upgrade what has been working. “We like what is going on and we just want to amplify it a little bit. Do some upgrades and really invest where we can,” Weaver stated. “One example of that, it is probably time that the turf is replaced so we want to bring in a new field for the players and the fans. Something bright and shiny with the latest technology and ramp up everything up. There is a lot of opportunity. There have been sell outs in the past and we want to see more of those.”

“In terms of philosophy it’s the same that has been in place, we just happen to have a few more resources that we are looking to put in play,” Weaver added.

When asked about coaching staff and players Weaver responded, “Kim is great, that guy is a legend and he knows the game as well as anyone and has coached the team in great times before. If you look at last year it was the first time that the club was below .500 and that is unacceptable. There are some reasons for it. They lost a lot of close games, a lot of one goal games. We think with a few improvements on the player side that there will be a turn there and get back to where we belong. We want to be in the playoffs every year, that is where we should be.”

Weaver summed up the conversation with, “We want to make improvements where we can, make key upgrades, new turf, upgrade the ops a little bit, more marketing and deliver a great product. We want it to be an incredible life-changing experience to come to a Comets game and I think it can be.”