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A few quick questions with SKC’s Vermes and Salloi

We have a game plan and we are playing at home so we need to dominate the game. - Salloi

MLS: Seattle Sounders at Sporting KC Peter G. Aiken

A few questions with Sporting Kansas City manager Peter Vermes and Homegrown International Daniel Salloi.

Have the Colorado Rapids changed since Sporting KC played them a few weeks ago?

Vermes: “All teams evolve a little bit as the season goes on and things change. We might start off thinking this is the group and then all of a sudden, whether its injuries or card accumulation or there is a trade, who knows but the personal change and they bring something different to the team. They would probably say the same thing about us but there are some similarities from when we played them. “

When SKC played in Colorado a few weeks ago the Rapids jumped out to a 2-0 lead. With that and the loss last week in New England is there a motivation to come out strong early, playing on the front foot?

Vermes: “Sure. Of course but we would say that about any game, it’s the next challenge in front of us no matter what. That didn’t leave a good taste in our mouth but at the same time we are ready for the next thing.”

Salloi: “After that tie there yes, it was really just a difficult start and after that we controlled the game. This time we have to start the game right so we go from the first minute.”

“We have been preparing for them, we have a game plan and we are playing at home so we need to dominate the game. We are going to have to possess the ball more than they do, that is what we are practicing for.”

“After that loss on the road we want to get three points at home but it’s going to be difficult, they are always tough.”

How do you make sure you come out strong?

Salloi: “It has to be the mentality. It has to be in your mind already that the warm up is right is and that we set the tempo from the beginning. They are going to come here and it is the toughest place to play in MLS and every team is a little bit afraid and we have to show them that there is something to be afraid of because we are good enough to control the game and push our game on the whole match.”

Tim Howard is one of the best keepers in U.S. history, how do you prepare for different keepers you may face?

Salloi: “You look at goalkeepers in a specific way obviously, should I shoot low or shoot high. I have different situations in my head in every option what I should do if it is 1v1, when I cut inside or go down the line but it is really just for me to be smart in that situation and look up to see what he does. Older keepers tend to cheat a lot because they are not the same as they used to be. Tim Howard used to be the greatest and that is where I might need to use a fake shot or another look that can help me. I am just hoping I can get my chance and score.”