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Shades of Blue Soccer Show - Croizet Stupid Love

In this week’s podcast we gushed over Croizet’s winner, spoke about Rubio’s future and previewed Sporting KC’s match against the Houston Dynamo on Saturday.

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MLS: U.S. Open Cup-Sporting KC vs FC Dallas Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

After Yohan scored a winner like that, Aly thought anything was possible. She tried to open the show. She failed. But the show recovered nicely with a long conversation about the future of Diego Rubio, some solid arguments, and a preview of Saturday’s match.

We touched on last week’s match quickly and reserved time for Yohan Croizet appreciation. But Bob has questions about Rubio and what his mentality may be. Is he a super-sub? Would he event want to be a super-sub? Does he want out?

Because it isn’t a real Sporting Kansas City podcast without a Khiry Shelton argument, Cody and Thad took care of that for you.

Another fun topic of discussion is the Regional format of the US Open Cup. How many times can we possibly play the Dynamo?

Who do you take a left-back right now - Jaylin Lindsey or Seth Sinovic?

Plus we have some audio from Peter Vermes about this weekend’s Major League Soccer opponent, the Houston Dynamo. We look around the lineup figure out how SKC will “counter the counter-attacks”.

**** Apologies for the delay, we were having website issues today.

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