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Possible Sporting KC Target Griffiths staying at Celtic

We revisit a striker rumor from earlier in the season.

Celtic v Ireland XI Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Back at the beginning of January 2018 when the story of Leigh Griffiths and Sporting Kansas City first broke, we poked some fun at the Daily Mail. To the point where the author actually reached out to Ben (the author of our story). Now there is an update in the story, again coming from The Daily Mail. We aren’t sure if that gives the story more credence or if they are just sticking to the story.

The Daily Mail is known for being a little loose with their rumors, but this one definitely fits the narrative that Sporting KC are willing to spend and spend big on a striker. It’s now being reported that SKC offered £5 million ($6.4 million). The original story indicated Celtic were looking for £7 million ($9.29 million). Instead of taking that offer, the Scottish Champions Celtic reportedly turned it down and they are working with Griffiths over a new contract. According to the story, Griffiths would “be delighted to become a Celt for life.”

Of course, since negotiations are ongoing and the summer is when most European teams make their transfers, it’s always possible a deal could still go through to send Griffiths state side.

Griffiths is currently 27-years-old (28 in August) and Transfermarkt pegs his value at £2.7 million. That goes to show how much value strikers actually have since they are in such short supply. Griffiths ended his 2017-2018 campaign with 13 goals across all competitions. That’s over 39 appearances. He competed for time at CF though, as he only played 1,978 minutes, making his goals per 90 come in at 0.59, which is quite respectable. He added eight assists over that time as well.

It should also be pointed out that Griffiths is Scottish, like beloved 2018 addition Johnny Russell. It’s unclear if that connection has any bearing on this rumored move.

While this is likely a dead story, if it comes back to life we’ll be sure to keep you informed.