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Vermes shoots down striker Angel Rodríguez to Sporting KC

Add the Getafe CF center forward to the list of players not coming to Kansas City.

Getafe v Leganes - La Liga Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

The official MLS site, using the same two sources (one of which is The Blue Testament), titled this same story, “Sporting Kansas City closing in on striker.” We won’t link to that story, but we’ll tell you the truth without such a clickbait headline.

The original rumor started at and they stated there is an offer on the table from Sporting KC for Getafe CF striker Angel Rodríguez. Well it turns out, as with many rumors, that it wasn’t true.

TBT’s own Thad Bell caught up with Peter Vermes who, when asked if Sporting KC put in an offer on Angel Rodriguez, Vermes replied, “not true.” Now, just because there is no offer doesn’t mean they haven’t been in discussion with the team. So while it’s most likely not happening, let’s learn a little bit about Rodriguez.

Getafe CF are in La Liga and finished eighth last season. Not bad for a league topped by Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid.

Rodriguez is a 31-year-old striker who is currently valued at €3.6 million by Transfermarkt (which is obviously not always right). His value skyrocketed upon coming back to La Liga on a free transfer before the 2017-18 season as he was previously under €1 million. Last season he scored 13 goals and added two assists in 33 league games (2,299 minutes).

He is only about 5’8” and around 150 pounds, so he’s by no means a Khiry Shelton type. Diego Rubio is 5’10” and 170 pounds. Watching highlights of him he has good positioning and appears to score quite a few poacher type goals. The clips were so short though, it’s hard to tell what his work rate is and if he’d fit into what PV wants from a center forward.

Reportedly Rodriguez is under contract through June 2020. The original story said Sporting’s offer, which again Vermes said wasn’t made, was less than half of the €6 million ($7 million) release clause. Just because that’s the release clause doesn’t mean the team couldn’t sell for less as they did get him for nothing a year ago.