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Shades of Blue Soccer Show - Red Cards & Losses, Oh My!

A Sporting KC podcast discussing the recent drop in form and previewing Saturday’s match against Toronto FC. Plus an argument about MLS vs English leagues.

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MLS: Sporting KC at Real Salt Lake Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

The Shades of Blue Soccer Show has returned to save the day and prevent a losing streak. Sporting Kansas City has not won since the last podcast, but we’re not saying there is any correlation. If you think this means they team needs our analysis, that is for you to decide.

Cody, Aly, Thad & Bob met up to figure out what has been going on with SKC as of late. We are a positive show, generally, so not much time is spent dwelling on the two losses. The show was an unorganized mess - just the way you like it.

Somehow there was a very long argument about Major League Soccer and English football. Are Championship teams significantly better than the best MLS sides?

Aly has questions for Johnny Russell. Should he be doing more? Is he pulling a Gerso?

This weekend’s match against Toronto FC will be very interesting as Roger Espinoza & Daniel Salloi are out with suspensions, in addition to the other nagging injuries. We argue every possible lineup, including some impossible ones. Khiry at CB? Someone make fun of Aly, please.

We also discuss a Reddit thread that is filled with Espinoza haters. This show LOVES the man, so that kind of thing doesn’t fly. If you have doubts about him, tell us. We will change your mind!

All episodes can be found on BlogTalkRadio and iTunes.