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Shades of Blue Soccer Show episode 32: Victory (but it was only Orlando)

A pair of former SKC players make their first return trip to Kansas City but it all went okay for the home team

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Yohan Croizet with the game winning assist
Thad Bell

We recorded early this week so the Orlando game was still fresh in our minds. It was no homecoming party for Dom Dwyer and Uri Rosell as Sporting Kansas City handled Orlando City. Right off the bat we discuss what impressed our crew from the match.

Cody Bradley, Aly Trost, Robert Rusert and Thad Bell reveal their favorite parts of the win. Was it the stoning of Dwyer or Felipe’s goal? Or somerthing else?

Was Yohan really the best player of the game? Or was it Felipe?

We break down the next match versus San Jose. But does anyone know anything about the Earthquakes?

Of course predictions and much, much more!

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