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What We Want to Happen Today 9/22

A look at what KC want to happen in today’s games.

MLS: Sporting KC at San Jose Earthquakes Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Sporting Kansas City are observers today ahead of their game tomorrow against the Philadelphia Union, but there is plenty of action in MLS today that could have an affect on Kansas City’s playoff chances. KC could actually clinch a playoff berth this weekend if they win and other results go the right way this weekend (though what KC fans want to happen in tomorrow’s Dallas game may not be what clinches a playoff berth). Here’s a look at today’s games and what KC fans want to root for in those games.

San Jose at Los Angeles FC

What we want to happen - San Jose win

LAFC sits four points behind Kansas City in third place in the Western Conference, so them dropping points is a good thing for Kansas City, especially with their opponent, San Jose, being eliminated from post season contention at this point.

Toronto at New York

What we want to happen - Toronto win

New York is five points ahead of Kansas City in the Supporters’ Shield standings and have played one game more than Kansas City. By the time KC takes the field on Sunday vs Philadelphia it’ll be two games in hand for Sporting. If Toronto pulls out the win and KC wins their two games in hand they would move ahead of New York in points.

Salt Lake at Atlanta

What we want to happen - Atlanta win

Kansas City has six games left and is nine points behind Atlanta United for the Supporters’ Shield, while it’s still mathematically possible for Sporting to catch Atlanta, it seems extremely unlikely at this point. So conceding the shield, KC want Salt Lake to drop the points then. Salt Lake sit six points behind Kansas City in the dreaded fifth playoff spot in the Western Conference. Keeping that gap at six, with the possibility for it to group to nine on Sunday is what KC should be rooting for here.

Colorado at Columbus

What we want to happen - Colorado win

The chances of Columbus catching Kansas City on points in the Supporters’ Shield table are getting a little slim, they’re seven points back with them having five games to play. If Colorado can beat Columbus on the road, KC could extend that lead to 10 points on Sunday, still guaranteeing their ability to finish above Columbus, but it would be close.

New York City at Montreal

What we want to happen - Montreal win

NYCFC is two points behind Kansas City in the Supporters’ Shield table, so a loss would keep them from moving ahead of Sporting KC and keep KC ahead in terms of hosting a potential KC vs NYCFC MLS Cup. Montreal meanwhile can only reach a max point total of 54, the point total KC would reach with a win on Sunday. So Montreal winning isn’t likely to hurt KC either.

Chicago at New England

What we want to happen - Does not matter

Chicago can’t catch Kansas City on points at this point of the season and New England’s max point total is 52, one above KC’s current point total, a total that KC seems likely to pass and New England seems unlikely to reach. So with that, this game matters nothing for Kansas City fans.

Houston at Orlando

What we want to happen - Does not matter

Neither team can catch Kansas City’s point total at this point of the season, so KC fans don’t necessarily need to worry about this game. If the idea of a potential Houston match up some time in the playoffs doesn’t appeal to you, you can root for Orlando to get the win as a Houston loss would put them on the brink of elimination from playoff contention.

Portland at Minnesota

What we want to happen - Minnesota win

Minnesota can’t catch Kansas City’s point total, while Portland currently sits fourth in the West on 47 points, four behind Kansas City. As with most of the games this week, there is a clear choice of what to root for from a KC fans perspective this week as a Portland loss combined with a KC win would put them seven points clear of the Timbers.