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Busio is drawing interest from Europe but Sporting KC may not be ready to sell

Manchester United and Inter were named as having an interest in Sporting KC’s young star

Sporting Kansas City v Minnesota United FC Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

The annual Wyscout Forum took place over the last two days and TUTTOmercatoWEB, an Italian site, used the opportunity to speak to Edward Burleson, one of Sporting Kansas City’s scouts in Europe. Gianluca Busio of course was one of the topics.

For some background, Wyscout provides a platform for scouting and recruiting players from around the world. The annual forum is a place where 150-200 clubs and “player intermediaries” (agents) gather. The attendees get seminars on how to use the platform but also a chance to meet with clubs and agents from around the world. It has been called speed dating for football.

Numerous deals are made there each year and apparently Burleson attended the forum for Sporting KC. He may not have been the only representative from Sporting KC.

In the interview which is naturally in Italian, they ask about Busio who is close to Inter and Burlseon responded:

“Un grande talento. E’ un giocatore che può giocare tranquillamente in Europa. Ha grande tecnica, è un giocatore intelligente, un box to box e lavora duramente. Per me se vuol avere successo ad alti liveli, deve cambiare presto. Se vuol fare una grande carriera deve passare presto in Europa. Poi deciderà il tecnico il suo futuro e onestamente non credo lo lascerà andare perché è un grande talento, un prodotto del nostro settore giovanile e un giocatore di cui siamo orgogliosi. Inter? Si, so anche del Manchester United. Sono cose che sono uscite. Abbiamo pure avuto un’offerta, anche se non dall’Inter. Ma non lo abbiamo lasciato andare. Non so se e quando succederà, magari fra un anno o fra due. Ma quel che è certo è che la pressione su Busio è sempre maggiore, visti i tanti club che si stanno facendo avanti”.

This time in English after running through translate:

“A great talent. He is a player who can play safely in Europe. He has great technique, he is a smart player, a box to box and he works hard. For me if it wants to be successful at high levels, it must change soon. If he wants to make a great career he has to go to Europe soon. Then the technician will decide his future and I honestly don’t think he will let him go because he is a great talent, a product of our youth sector and a player of which we are proud. Inter? Yes, I also know about Manchester United. These are things that came out. We also had an offer, even if not from Inter. But we didn’t let him go. I don’t know if and when it will happen, maybe in a year or between two. But what is certain is that the pressure on Busio is always greater, given the many clubs that are coming forward ”.

From whatever language the interview was originally in to Italian to English and all the interesting twists that interpreting language can create makes it hard to know for certain what was said.

With that caveat, it sounds like there has been interest in Busio but Sporting KC’s European scout thinks that it might be a while before he is transferred to another club. “Maybe in a year or between two,” translated Burleson said.

That would give time for Busio to become even more valuable after what would be hoped to be a breakout year in 2020 for Sporting KC. In 2019 Busio scored 3 goals and made 22 league appearances for a struggling Sporting KC. As a U.S. Youth National team player, Busio is a regular and was the only goal scorer at the U-17 World Cup in Brazil recently when the U.S. flamed out of group play.

Sporting KC has Busio under contract through 2020 with option years for 2021 and 2022.

*** If someone can translate better, let us know ***