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Sinovic looking forward to challenge of playing for a new team

Former Sporting Kansas City defender Seth Sinovic was on 610 Sports this morning and talked about his current status and plans

Thad Bell

Seth Sinovic was a guest on Fescoe in the Morning on 610 Sports radio Monday morning and he discussed his status as a free agent, his future plans, a little bit of what went wrong last year and even some Kansas City Chiefs.

The interview can be found here, go listen to the entire thing.

When asked if it was a surprise that Sporting Kansas City declined his contract option, Sinovic responded, “I think I was surprised but at the same time not surprised. Obviously, a disappointing year as a group and it’s a business, changes tend to happen when the team is not doing well.”

“Obviously disappointed, a hometown guy, I had nine awesome years here and very thankful for the opportunities that I had but at the same time I’m pretty excited for a new challenge and help another team be successful,” Sinovic continued.

When asked about the conversation about not picking up option, he gave no details but Sinovic is smart and knew that it could happen, “It’s a chance to make changes and make the team better for next year. I don’t blame coaches or organizations for doing what they think is best to win.”

He talked about he would have liked to play his entire career in Kansas City but that’s not really the nature of sports. He described himself as being pretty fortunate to have played in one place for nine years and noted you don’t see that too often in professional sports. “Especially in my hometown in front of friends and family and have as much success as we did while I was playing here. I think we won four trophies in my nine years.”

Keep playing or retire?

There was a lot of speculation that he might retire, he planned (or at least stated he planned) to do so when he was taken in the Expansion Draft in 2011 by the Montreal Impact. He told the shows hosts that he has some interest from a few teams and that he is, “Waiting to start fielding offers and see what is best for his him and family.” Those decision may come after the various drafts and other roster processes this week as teams sort out where players will end up.

Sinovic made it clear he wanted to keep playing, “As long as I am physically and mentally into it and capable. I’m feeling physically and mentally great right now. I’m very aware that I am very lucky that I get to do what I do, and I don’t take that for granted. I definitely don’t want to call it quits too early and have regrets but I’m also pretty self-aware and knowing when I will need to hang it up and I’m just not at that point yet.”

What went wrong in 2019?

The hosts and Sinovic discussed the disappointing 2019 season as well. It seems like nobody really had the answers for what went wrong other than more than one thing. “I wish I could narrow it down to one thing or pinpoint one thing, it’s tough to say,” Sinovoc stated. “It wasn’t the lack of caring or effort, I know guys wanted to win.”

He also mentioned how he and Sporting KC captain Matt Besler had many conversations before and after games trying to figure out what was going on with the team.

Again, go listen to the interview when you have time, give them the clicks they deserve for actually covering Sporting Kansas City and talking to players.