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Social Media Reactions to Alan Pulido Joining Sporting KC

The best, worst and everything in between from fans and pundits on Twitter and other social media.

Chivas v Veracruz - Torneo Apertura 2019 Liga MX
Caption this photo for us.
Photo by Refugio Ruiz/Getty Images

On Tuesday Sporting Kansas City made a move many fans thought would never come. They signed a Designated Player (DP) striker to a record transfer fee. Alan Pulido will join Sporting KC at the No. 9 spot (and in the #9 jersey).

At The Blue Testament we don’t typically do social media reaction pieces, but this seemed like the time to make an exception. The most expensive signing in club history that has comes after years and years of searching.

Here are the best Tweets from all around the spectrum from players to fan to media and on and on. Oh, and the worst. If you just want raw, unedited reactions, head to the Tweet where the move was announced by the team (a few of which are captured below). And don’t worry, we have plenty of salty fans from around the world (Chivas, Chicago Fire, etc).

Teams and Players

First, Chivas Guadalajara says goodbye:

Pulido says goodbye (I think)

Fan Reactions

This kid is breaking my heart when he found at Pulido was leaving Chivas:

Nathan Martin doing his best to be our buzz kill (as always). Appreciate the pure analytical look sir.

Media Reactions

Kansas native Andrew Weibe gets first dibs:

The Haters

Current (and former) Blue Testament Staffers

Mike being Mike:

I wrote stories but apparently never sent a Tweet. And as always, Site Manager Thad Bell didn’t Tweet. He was too busy arguing about Star Wars with Jimmy and I in Slack.

Oh the Gifs & the Highlights

I mostly can’t tell if the Chivas fans are happy with the money or heartbroken.

What was your favorite reaction? I basically only looked at Twitter, was there an Instagram post jumping out at you? Share it in the replies.