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Comets take opening game of Florida doubleheader

With five games remaining, the Comets narrowly sit in playoff position with Orlando and St. Louis close.

Thad Bell

The Kansas City Comets defeated the Orlando SeaWolves in a highly competitive contest that the Comets finished on top by the score of 9-7.

The Comets were without Alain Matingou for the second straight game while Lucas Rodriguez was on the bench but never played and served a yellow card in the second half.

The Comets found goals in the first quarter from Bryan Perez, Anthony Grant, and Leo Gibson as the SeaWolves scored twice, leaving the score at 3-2 to the Comets after 15 minutes of play.

The second quarter was highlighted by goals from Nacho and James Togbah as well as a red card given to Joshio Sandoval of Orlando, for putting on his Luis Suarez mask and biting KC’s Anthony Grant.

Kansas City opened the lead to four by the end of the third period with goals from James Togbah and two goals from Anthony Grant. Orlando scored twice as well, giving the Comets the 8-4 lead going into the final quarter of play.

Orlando’s Mario Alvarez added two goals in separate power plays to draw Orlando within two, but the final eight minutes of pressure was withheld by a strong defensive effort and another goal from Leo Gibson. Gordy Gurson added his third, but it was too little too late at that point. The Comets ended their two game losing streak with a big win in Orlando.

Anthony Grant put in a great performance with three goals and an assist while Comets captain Bryan Perez had two assists and a goal. Kansas City goalkeeper, Mark Saxby, saved several goals with stunning saves throughout the game.

The Comets are back above .500 this season with a 10-9 record and are back to double-digit wins for the first time since the return of Kim Roentved as manager. The Comets sit second in the South Central Division with five games remaining in the regular season.

The SeaWolves were led by Gordy Gurson, who showed well with three goals and an assist. Orlando have now dropped to 8-10 this season after going 1-1 this weekend and remain in fourth place in the South Central Division.

The Comets return to the field on Sunday, March 17 for a second game in Florida, but this time against the Florida Tropics. The game kicks off at 2:05 PM CT and can be seen on 38 the Spot or