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SKC Injury update: Fontas, Hurtado, Salloi

One is on his way back while it may take some time for the rest

Thad Bell

Sporting Kansas City has a break between games and can really use that time with some injuries testing the depth of the squad. Before training today SKC Manager Peter Vermes gave The Blue Testament a few updates.

Andreu Fontas

Fontas started and played in the two dominating wins over Toluca in CONCACAF Champions League but suffered a hip pointer in Sporting KC’s first league match at LAFC and was subbed out after 68 minutes.

“He trained yesterday, he is training again today. It is just going to be building him up and seeing how he responds each day as we go along,” Vermes stated. “It’s not something you can do much with.”

A hip pointer is a contusion to the pelvis and mostly it just has to take time to heal. “One thing is the actual contusion but the other is where does the inflammation go. It was in his glute so there was a little more to it than just the hip pointer,” Vermes explained.

“It’s not a long out, it feels like it because we played a lot of games in a short period of time but you don’t want to bring him back too quickly and screw him because the he could be out six weeks instead of three or whatever,” Vermes added.

Daniel Salloi

Sporting KC’s International Homegrown that truly blossomed last year has seen limited action this year and now will be out for while. He started the last CCL game versus CAI but was subbed out early after an ankle injury.

“He is actually progressing pretty well. We blew his ankle out,” Vermes said. “He turned his ankle, did a pretty good job of it. It could be anywhere up to maybe six weeks. I don’t forsee it being the full six weeks, but it could be.”

“It’s the same thing as with Fontas, what we are not going to do is rush it,” Vernes continued. “If the medical staff says they think it will be three weeks for example, but come back and say it will be an extra week then we take a fourth week.”

Erik Hurtado

The strong and speedy forward is officially out for two to three months.

“Unless something else occurs, I think both of them (Hurtado and Salloi) will come back faster,” Vermes said.

Salloi limping off early in the match
Thad Bell