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Comets beat Heat, move two games above Ambush

The Palmers second half goals carried the team to win against the Heat.

Thad Bell

The Kansas City Comets defeated the Harrisburg Heat by a final score of 7-6 in a great contest, right down til the final buzzer.

The Comets, like last week, avoided giving up the opening goal through James Togbah off the restart, but the Heat answered quickly to tie it up at 1-1 from Tom Mellor. Gui Gomes, Kevin Ellis, Leo Gibson, and another from Togbah while the Heat scored three other times to give the Comets the 5-4 advantage at halftime.

Ramone Palmer scored the only goal of the third quarter, but the Heat were able to fight their way back to tie it up midway through the final period. The Comets found the match winner from a man who is used to warm temperatures, the Kingston, Jamaica-native Robert Palmer, who ripped a laser from distance past the keeper. The Heat tried to pressure the final three minutes but failed to create any good chances against a strong Comets defense.

With this win and some help from the St. Louis Ambush, the 9-7 Comets, who sit second in the South Central Division, now have a two game lead over the Ambush for the last playoff spot from the division.

Robert Palmer and James Togbah put together big performances, but John Sosa also put together a solid performance quietly with three assists.

Pat Healey’s Heat fell to 6-10 in the Eastern Division as their playoff hopes are crumbling after a really poor start to the season.

The Comets return to action on Friday, March 8, at Silverstein Eyes Centers Arena against the Orlando SeaWolves at 7:35 PM CT.