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WATCH: TBT’s Aly Trost Appears on KCTV5

The show primarily covers the SKC’s trade for Feilhaber.


The Blue Testament’s Aly Trost appeared on KCTV5’s The Locker Room with Tom Martin and Dani Welniak. The primary topic of conversation was about the trade that Sporting Kansas City swung with the Colorado Rapids for midfielder Benny Feilhaber. In addition they weigh in on the biggest concern for Sporting KC.

In addition to some SKC talk they crew found time to talk about the Kansas City Chiefs with Aly being willing to give up ranch dressing for life if they don’t win the AFC West this season. We’ll hold you to that Aly.

The full show is below.

The Locker Room Show

RIGHT NOW: Sporting Kansas City hasn’t won a match in over a month. Aly Trost discusses what the club needs to do next with Dani & Tom on the Locker Room Show, on Ch. 62 on-air and Ch.10 on cable.

Posted by Tom Martin KCTV on Wednesday, May 8, 2019

If the embed doesn’t appear for you, the video can be watched here.