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Benny Teases Return of the Benny Feilhaber Show

AKA: The One Where Sal Zizzo Retires

MLS: Vancouver Whitecaps FC at Sporting Kansas City
That’s the look of a man that’s trolling us all.
Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, former Sporting Kansas City player Sal Zizzo announced his retirement from professional soccer.

Leave it to Benny Feilhaber to immediately jump on that retirement to get the rumor mill going. He quoted Zizzo’s retirement tweet and said maybe he and Sal should start a podcast.

“Maybe we should start a think anyone would listen?! We could get some good guests too @ikeopara @gbaum30 or some not so great ones @gzusi @MattBesler

Now there is no saying that the podcast that Benny is referencing would be the Benny Feilhaber Show, which was the famous YouTube show he did in his first stint with the team. Sal Zizzo was his co-host/sidekick and it was delightful. Look below for videos if you have never seen it. It’s a great rabbit hole to go down.

In all likelihood Feilhaber is just trolling everyone. His Twitter is surprisingly active and he interacts with other players including his best friend Ike Opara on a regular basis.

Earlier in the day Sam McDowell of the Kansas City Star tweeted at Benny that he needed a new co-host for his podcast since Opara is gone to Minnesota United. Benny replied with something to the effect that he couldn’t cheat on Sal. Opara got in on the ripping on Sam stuff as well, but all those tweets have since been deleted.

You can expect more hard hitting reporting from The Blue Testament if and when the Benny Feilhaber Show officially returns.

Now go watch old episodes of The Benny Feilhaber show. They really hit their stride in episode three below. And unfortunately there are only eight episodes.