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SKC Academy Round-Up: Coaches, Cisneros and Team Updates

Lots of news lately on the SKC Academy and it’s a good chance to catch up on the youth movement.

Hooper juggling while Wilson Harris watches at halftime.
Thad Bell

Sporting Kansas City and the Swope Park Rangers are currently struggling during the 2019 seasons in MLS and USL. Sporting KC sit in 10th place in the Western Conference (out of 12 teams) and the Rangers are all the way down in 18th in the Eastern Conference (out of 18).

Despite the rough run of form for both teams, there are still things to be excited about when it comes to the Sporting KC organization as a whole. Particularly, in the SKC Academy. It’s tough to keep up on everything going on, so that we do our part, we’ve got a round-up of all the recent happenings that you might want to be aware of.

Recent News

Coach Profiles

Sporting KC released a series of question and answers with various members of the academy. They are very interesting reads and give great insight into backgrounds and what is going on in the SKC Academy. All the interviews were also conducted by Anna Salloi, who is Daniel Salloi’s sister.