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Highlights: Swope Park Fall Short in Atlanta

Jake Davis has great but terrible sub appearance.

Thad Bell

Sporting Kansas City’s USL team, the Swope Park Rangers, travelled to Atlanta to take on Atlanta United 2 on Friday night. Jake Davis, a second half sub was the difference in the game in more than one way. First, he conceded an own goal to give Atlanta a 2-0 lead.

But then he was the catalyst that nearly completed a fantastic comeback. First he took a beautiful ball over the top from Kaveh Rad to draw a PK in the box. Unfortunately Alexsander stepped up and wasn’t able to put the shot home.

Next Davis made an interception in the midfield and found a great through ball to Wilson Harris who knocked how his third goal of the year.

Davis even had a shot off a volley that only ventured a bit wide into the side netting. Despite the own goal blunder, Davis looked pretty dang good and worthy of an SPR contract. It will be interesting if the Michigan native who is 18 elects to go to college or ends up being signed by Swope Park to a professional contract like his teammates Harris, Felipe Hernandez and others.

Full highlights below.