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Look: Swope Park Rangers Unveil New Culture Jersey

By the end of Friday the 13th, the USL Championship clubs will all have released their new Culture Jerseys.

Thad Bell

For Sporting Kansas City fans, interesting and unique jerseys aren’t anything new. Sporting KC are trendsetters in the league (even if the 2019 home kit may forever be cursed as the ‘getting run over’ kit). The rest of Major League Soccer can’t really say the same thing as the vast majority of the league have boring white, black or very often red kits (yeah, yeah, SKC have a black kit too).

The same could be said of the USL Championship. The Swope Park Rangers started out with a fantastic primary kit but this year they moved to basically blue on blue home kits and white on white away kits.

Well the Culture Kits the league have been unveiling throughout the week definitely buck the trend. The theme is #WhereYourWhere and SPR went very bold.

Their design features the forest of Swope Park and prominently displayed in the middle is their mascot Hat Trick Harry (with his footprints showing up on the back). You definitely can’t say it’s not visually interesting.

There are some really good other ones. Just head to the Twitter hashtag to peruse some real ones and some comical fakes. I personally like the Loudoun United kit (D.C. United). It’s both simple and bold.

SPR’s cross-state rivals in St. Louis have a pretty cool and funky design as well.

To see them all in one spot, head over to the USL Championship’s official website.