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KC Comets restructure front office for 2019-20

Some long awaited good news for the Kansas City Comets

Mark Saxby making a save during the playoffs
Thad Bell

The Kansas City Comets announced a restructuring of their front office Monday. A move that prepares them for the upcoming season and should reassure fans that have been looking for positive news about their team after a long quiet spell.

The Comets bring Scott Levinson back as Vice President of Business Operations. Levinson held that position for most of the current Comets history. The Comets front-office veteran replaces Colin Weaver who held that role when the new owners took over prior to last season.

The new Director of Ticketing is another long serving veteran of the team. Mike Rodriguez, has been promoted and will lead the Comets’ ticket operations.

A new face to the front office staff but not new to the Comets is Mark Saxby as the new Director of Community Engagement. Saxby played keeper for the Comets the last two seasons and will continue his playing duties but will also work to engage fans through community involvement and charitable partnerships. Saxby should do well in his additional job.

Also returning to the Comets is Brian Budzinski. In the restructuring Budzinski has rejoined the team’s ownership group. As a local operator, Budzinski can bring his experience as one of the founders of the team and his knowledge of the indoor game back to the Comets.

On a less positive note for the Comets, former Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Jeff Husted, has accepted a full-time position with the Major Arena Soccer League. Husted will still assist the Comets when needed but will also be able to help the MASL continue to grow and mature.

No news on players or coaching staff for the 2019-20 season at this time.