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Question of the day: Sporting KC forwards

Play Technical Director for Sporting KC. Which players would you keep and why?

Nemeth has been frustrated since May 18th.
Thad Bell

When Sporting Kansas City went down in flames (7-2) at the hands of the LA Galaxy on Sunday night, many fans considered the season over if they hadn’t already. While Sporting KC is not mathematically eliminated, the chances to make the playoffs are slim (just 3%).

A frustrated fan base reacted in a lot of different ways after the match. Some wanted a complete house cleaning of players and coaches, others just wanted one or two players to move on and exchanged for new blood.

In the interest of giving our community a chance to weigh in on the roster and perhaps vent some of their anger, frustration and grief, we are offering a chance for the fans to be the Technical Director for Sporting Kansas City.

This is not reality. This is not taking contracts, CBA’s, option years, expansion drafts, DP tags, TAM, GAM, international status or anything else into account but our own opinions and emotions about each player.

The forwards are as good a spot to start as any. We will work through the rest of the lines in the next couple days.

If you were Sporting Kansas City’s Technical Director, what would you do?

Keep the player for next season? Banish them from Kansas City and never allow them to have the world’s best BBQ again? Or, wait a few more games and see how they respond to this adversity?

Vote and let us know in the comments why you voted the way you did. Some may approach it logically, some from their heart and yet others from that dark space that just wants change at all cost. Debate, keep it civil.