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LOOK: Sporting KC II Unveil Two New Jerseys

With the rebrand from the Swope Park Rangers, two new kits were needed.

This is not the new kit.
Thad Bell

The schedule for Sporting Kansas City II came out nearly two weeks ago. Now we know what they’ll be wearing at those games. Sporting KC II unveiled their new kits today.

Courtesy of Sporting Kansas City

The jerseys have a fairly simple design but they are a return to SKC’s primary color scheme of Sporting Blue and Indigo. I suspect that the shortened timeline between the rebrand from the Swope Park Rangers to SKC II had an impact on how much time they had to design things.

One positive, in my opinion, is the removal of the color orange which had been associated with SPR. It was toned down in 2019 but anything to make SKC II look less like the Houston Dynamo is a plus in my book. Fight about it in the comments if you disagree.

So, what do you think? Too simple? Good enough for now? Utter perfection? Let us know in the comments.