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Very Kinda: Shades of Blue Soccer Show

S3:E2 - Answering all your questions about Gadi Kinda. Transfer or loan? What does this mean for the young guys trying to get MLS minutes? Is he worth the money?

Peter Vermes has added another piece to his midfield ahead of the 2020 season with the arrival of Gadi Kinda. In this episode Cody, Robert, and Thad cover all your questions about the 25-year-old out of Beitar Jerusalem.

As it often goes, there has been some confusion around the terms of the deal. Is Kinda here on loan or is it just a straight transfer? His agent and former coach have referred to the deal as a transfer, while Sporting Kansas City says it is a loan. He might be just below a Designated Player, but how important are those labels anymore?

Vermes sees Kinda as a box-to-box, #8 midfielder who possesses the strict defensive standards he requires from his players, while being dangerous going forward as well. So where will he split time with Roger Espinoza? Robert wonders what this means for the plethora of young talent with SKC and if it will be another year where the likes of Felipe Hernandez & Gianluca Busio aren’t able to get enough first team minutes.

The move gives Vermes options on all lines now. They can be adaptable as is required by the league now. We look at different ways Kinda can be used and who he might play with.

The question that will always be asked.... is he worth the money? The league has changed and what it takes to get a younger player with potential costs a pretty penny.

SKCII have also added a key piece. Kaveh Rad featured heavily last year and now the 18-year-old academy kid got a professional contract. Thad explains that his path could set the example needed to keep prospects from going to play in the NCAA.

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