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Annoying Things About Soccer

S3:E16 - Sporting KC get robbed on a bad call with a keeper so we’re talking all things that annoy us about this beautiful game.

Sporting Kansas City v FC Dallas Photo by Omar Vega/Getty Images

Sporting Kansas City got robbed of a goal, and a point, against FC Dallas on Wednesday night. The babying of keepers is a big pet peeve in the sport of soccer so Cody, Robert, & Thad took a dive into all the other annoyances in soccer on another episode of the Shades of Blue Soccer Show.

What bothers you? Keepers screaming “AWAY”? Is it the arbitrary addition of stoppage time? The hiking up of shorts?

There is also plenty of time to hate on Dallas, who may now be the focal point of hatred from SKC Nation this year. We try to decide which MLS team is the worst in 2020. Not an easy task.

As always, we have a comprehensive and analytical preview of the upcoming match. You know you can always count on SOB for that! After such heavy squad rotation midweek, there are a lot of questions about the lineup going into the weekend.

Follow Cody @ThatCodyTho, Thad @TheBackpost, & Robert @SpKCLife. The show is embedded below or you can find us wherever you get your podcasts!

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