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Reunion Show - Shades of Blue

S3:E12 - We get the old crew back together as Aly Trost of joins the show!

SOCCER: SEP 23 MLS - Orlando City FC at Sporting Kansas City Photo by Nick Tre. Smith/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Ask and you shall receive! Aly Trost (now) from 810 Sports Radio joins us for an episode to reunite the original Shades of Blue crew!

It strangely doesn’t seem like much has changed as the conversations were quite similar to a couple years ago. Who should play winger? Why do they keep dominating games without getting the win? What is Khiry Shelton’s best position?

That’s right, we’re back with some of our greatest hits!

One thing has definitely changed. We get Aly’s thoughts on our long time favorite Ilie Sanchez potentially having to fight of Gianluca Busio at the holding midfield position.

Sporting Kansas City has VERY rough stretch coming up with NINE games over a 30 day period. Squad rotation seems like a must but, you know, Peter Vermes. We try to figure out how many games Graham Zusi will play.

Nine. It’ll be nine.

The show is embedded below or you can find us wherever you get your podcasts!

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