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On Fire - Shades of Blue

S3:E13 - Alan Pulido’s glorious return and immediate departure ahead of Wednesday’s match against the Chicago Fire.

Sporting Kansas City v Houston Dynamo Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

The win over the Houston Dynamo was reminiscent of pre-pandemic Sporting Kansas City. When it looked like this team was going to be unstoppable and win all the trophies. Alan Pulido made his glorious return with two fantastic goals and now SKC is back on track.... right?!

Wrong! Just when you think something good is coming, the universe reminds you that it is the year 2020.

But truthfully this a great thing for Pulido to be back representing Mexico & El Tri. It’s a good look for Major League Soccer and Sporting KC in particular.

There’s no time to daydream about his quality as the Chicago Fire is coming to Children’s Mercy Park for a showdown on Wednesday night, and the striker won’t be there. Gadi Kinda is available after a yellow card suspension which means there will be an odd man out in the midfield. Is Roger Espinoza 100%? You have to keep Gianluca Busio’s hot hand in the Starting XI, right?

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