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What We Want to Happen Today 11/1

A look at the games around MLS today and how they can effect Kansas City.

MLS: Colorado Rapids at Sporting Kansas City Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

With the cancelation of tonight’s game between Sporting Kansas City and Minnesota United, Sporting now find themselves scoreboard watching tonight and seeing how it affects their standings in the playoffs. With only one game left this season for Sporting now their points per game (PPG) options are limited to just three potentials.

36 points, 1.71 PPG

37 points, 1.76 PPG

39 points, 1.86 PPG

The benefit of the cancelation (if there is one) is the fact that Sporting has now clinched a top 3 spot in the Western Conference as KC’s minimum PPG of 1.71 is now the max PPG of Minnesota or any team below them in the West other than the Portland Timbers. Here is a look at the rest of the games around the league today and what Sporting are likely looking to have happen in those games.

Philadelphia at Columbus

What we want to happen: Philadelphia win

Sporting can not catch the Philadelphia Union on PPG in the regular season standings so their hopes of hosting MLS Cup will require someone in the playoffs knocking off the Union. With that in mind the Columbus Crew losing would knock their max PPG to 1.78 with two games left, meaning a win by KC would see them pass the Crew’s PPG.

Cincinnati at Atlanta

What we want to happen: Does not matter

Atlanta United and FC Cincinnati can’t catch Sporting on PPG, while both are still alive for the playoffs both their chances are slim.

New York at New York City

What we want to happen: Does not matter

With today’s cancelation of Sporting’s game and their minimum PPG being 1.71, they will finish ahead of both the New York Red Bulls and New York City FC no matter what the other teams do in their final two games. NYCFC can get close at 1.7 if they win out, but still won’t catch Sporting’s PPG minimum.

Orlando at Montreal

What we want to happen: Montreal win

The Montreal Impact can’t catch Sporting in PPG, meanwhile a loss still moves Orlando City’s max PPG below Kansas City’s max PPG, giving KC a chance to pass and potentially host a hypothetical MLS Cup against Orlando City.

DC at New England

What we want to happen: Does not matter

Neither team can catch Sporting in PPG.

Miami at Toronto

What we want to happen: Miami win

The only way for Sporting to pass Toronto FC in PPG is for KC to beat Real Salt Lake and have Toronto get no more than two points in their final two games. So having Inter Miami take all three points on the road would be in KC’s best interest.

Seattle at Colorado

What we want to happen: Colorado win

For Sporting to pass the Seattle Sounders for first place in the West, they need Seattle to drop points. Having them drop points on the road against the Colorado Rapids would be a start, it would drop Seattle’s max PPG to 1.86, which would be tied with KC’s max PPG (Seattle would win out on the Goal Difference per game tie breaker).

Vancouver at Portland

What we want to happen: Vancouver win

The Portland Timbers are the only team in the top six in the Western Conference that will play all 23 games this season. Dropping three points against the Vancouver Whitecaps would drop their max PPG to 1.78 with two games left. KC needs help to finish ahead of Portland and Seattle, so dropped points by both teams is a necessity for KC.

Salt Lake at LA

What we want to happen: Does not matter

This game doesn’t really matter a whole lot to Kansas City. No matter what Real Salt Lake will likely head into next week’s Decision Day game against Kansas City with at least a small chance of still making the playoffs this year so even a loss here wouldn’t lead to Salt Lake potentially putting out some younger players to play KC.