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Stuck In Limbo - Shades of Blue

S3:E20 - Reports of a Pulido injury, another first team player tests positive, and points-per-game playoff math.

Colorado Rapids v Sporting Kansas City

2020 is really kicking into high gear as we close it out. The election & political unrest loom. Alan Pulido is (rumored to be) injured again. And another Sporting Kansas City player has tested positive for COVID-19 just as an already confusing season is coming to a nail baiting close.

Cody, Robert, & Thad gather around their computers to try and make sense of everything. We don’t, but we try.

Just when SKC was starting to look like an MLS Cup contender, Pulido is apparently injured again. Can they stay alive in the playoff race without him? Is Erik Hurtado still the preferred backup? Thad has some conspiracy theories for you on this one.

The team announced on Thursday that another first team Sporting KC player has tested positive for COVID-19. What does this mean, exactly? If SKC don’t play another game, then they cannot be passed on PPG and would claim the Western Conference as their own. Did someone take one for the team?

And congrats to Wilson Harris on being named USL Young Player of the Year!

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