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KC NWSL team announces 22-player roster

New KC NWSL team makes their roster official.

2015 NWSL Championship Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

The new Kansas City NWSL team announced its roster today. All player rights formerly held by Utah Royals FC were transferred to the new team in Kansas City. NWSL fans will be familiar with the names on the roster, and KC fans will see the return of former FCKC players Amy Rodriguez, Nicole Barnhart, Kate Bowen, Lo’eau LaBonta, Brittany Ratcliffe and Desiree Scott.

The full list of roster players announced today includes:

In the roster release, KC head coach Huw Williams said, “We couldn’t be happier with this dynamic and talented group of players. They are motivated and eager to represent Kansas City in the NWSL, and I cannot wait to get on the field and get to work with this team.”

KC NWSL will have more roster updates in the coming weeks, and also additions from the Jan. 13, 2021 NWSL draft.